How can I find Upchurch Scientific fittings and connectors?

The Upchurch Scientific brand and the Upchurch fittings has since 1975 been synonymous with the most innovative connection systems for the demanding requirements in HPLC and other fluid handling instruments for liquid chromatography and related techniques. The innovations emerging from their location in Oak Harbor (Washington, USA), included for example the immensely popular F-120 One-Piece Fingertight™ PEEK fittings for 10-32 coned ports. Other product highlights include the Flangeless™ and Super Flangeless™ fitting systems that eliminates tedious and time-consuming tubing flanging to accomplish leak-free connections of fluoropolymer tubing in 1/4-28 flat-bottom ports.

Since 2004, the Upchurch brand is part of IDEX Health & Science, for whom Biotech Fluidics is a Global Premium Distributor. All legacy Upchurch fittings and as well as the more recent product developments from this innovative team, can thus be acquired through Biotech Fluidics and the website. Conveniently, all product numbers of the legacy Upchurch fittings and connectors are identical to the corresponding IDEX items. Learn more at the respective product pages for fittings & connectors, filters & frits, and tubing.

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