How can I make my fluidic system more sustainable?

Instrumental analysis may use resources that are limited and chemicals that have negative environmental impact. By constructing fluidic systems to deliver accurate and consistent results with low variability, we help to ensure that the number of repeated analyses can be reduced to a minimum, thereby improving the overall sustainability of the procedures.

In the video interview below, Dr. Fritiof Pontén, CEO of Biotech Fluidics, outlines how to design high quality fluidic systems with improved sustainability. This was recorded by LCGC International at the exhibition Analytica 2024 in Munich, Germany.

For example, Dr. Pontén describes how the choice of fittings and tubing for the flow path assembly, as well as the removal of dissolved gases from processed liquids, are important parameters to consider in order to minimize fluctuations and noise in the output of recorded data.

Watch the interview in the video below.

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