Interview about how Biotech Fluidics can be of help

During the Analytica exhibition in Munich Germany, the team from LCGC International interviewed Dr. Fritiof Pontén, CEO of Biotech Fluidics, about what Biotech Fluidics can do to help customers find the right solutions for their fluidic system.

Dr. Pontén talked about how Biotech Fluidics on a daily basis helps original equipment manufacturers all over the world to select the right components for their instrument designs. He also explained that the company has a long experience in suppling items such as tubing, connectors, filters, degassing systems, and real time flow monitoring sensors for a wide variety of conditions. Dr. Pontén furthermore highlighted that the product portfolio from Biotech Fluidics can support assemblies from nanoscale instruments, operating in the microliter per minute flow scale, up to preparative systems, handling several litres of liquid per minute.

Watch the interview in the video below.

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