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Why isn’t debubbling and ultrasonication sufficient?

Traditional and still rather widespread means to remove bubbles and dissolved gases are debubbling and ultrasonication. The problem is that none of these approaches are particularly efficient.

Debubbling removes only the gases that have outgassed into visible bubbles. Since this approach do not address the root cause of bubble formation, the remaining dissolved gases will likely form bubbles again and cause issues with precision in the liquid handling system. Ultrasonication typically removes about one third of the dissolved gases, and while this may reduce the tendency of bubble formation, it is often not sufficient to entirely prevent formation of bubbles. In contrast will vacuum degassing remove up to about 80% of the dissolved gases, which tend to totally eliminate any troubles with bubbles. Because of this, inline vacuum degassing is replacing inefficient approaches like debubbling and ultrasonication.

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Improve the volume precision and dispensing accuracy of your instrumentation by installing a debubbler. This will eliminate false detection readings and dispense anomalies caused by bubbles. The new Biotech active debubbler can be used in every aqueous-based liquid transferring system where bubbles may occur, but the internal gas-permeable Poridex™ membrane is not compatible with detergents or emulsifiers.

Biotech’s active approach to debubbling offers high operating convenience and low operating costs, suitable for applications within biosensor instrument design and liquid dispensing in areas such as, DNA-sequencing, clinical chemistry, in vitro diagnostics, immunology, hematology, molecular diagnostics, etc. For the more demanding degassing applications and more complex liquid mixtures containing organic solvents or amphiphilic stabilization agents, we recommend the DEGASi® Plus stand-alone degassers or Biotech’s OEM degassing solutions.


A debubbler is a tool for removal of visible bubbles from water flow streams not containing organic solvents or detergents. Bubbles in system liquids cause dispense volume anomalies in many instruments and may have severe impact on both dispense precision and analytical accuracy. Biotech’s patented active debubbler design includes a vertical bubble trap, plus a gas-permeable membrane, and a vacuum source.

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