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Biotech Fluidics keep an ample stock of DEGASi® degasser items to simplify maintenance and enable quick replacement of spare parts for our customers. Additionally, we also store many of the stand-alone degassers in the DEGASi® family for situations where replacing parts within built-in degassing units may not be sufficient or economically feasible, and their footprint are so small that they often can fit into the solvent tray of your (U)HPLC system.

Our stock assortment includes several degassing chamber designs, typically with Systec™ AF membranes, constructed for degassing a wide range of solvents at different flow rates. Similarly, Biotech Fluidics supply an ample variety of vacuum pumps based on either CPD (constant performance degassing), or DST (dual stage), or ZHCR® (zero hysteresis – constant run) technology for unmatched degassing performance in every situation. We also provide circuit boards designed to measure and maintain constant closed-loop vacuum control, while providing output signals to warn if the set vacuum levels cannot be achieved or if leaks have been detected. In addition, we store accessories such as cables, brackets and vacuum tubing to fulfil most maintenance requirements.

Naturally, these items can replace worn out parts in DEGASi® degassers, but many of them are also suitable for repair of degassers from other brands, for example Agilent, Waters, Thermo, Shimadzu, Knauer, etc. Contact Biotech Fluidics to learn more about what we can offer for your particular instrument.

Degassing Chamber

Systec ZHCR Degassing Pump

Degassing chambers

Degassing chambers rarely fail, but if they do it is most often either related to use with incompatible organic solvents, or accidentally letting buffer solutions dry out until salts precipitate and block the liquid flow path. When this happens the chamber needs to be replaced, and fortunately this is quite a simple procedure in most systems.

Note that some older degassing chamber constructions have become obsolete and the original chambers are not available any longer. Examples of this include the IDEX preparative chambers 9000-1114 & 9000-1118 for flow rates up to 20 and 40 mL/min, respectively. In such cases, Biotech Fluidics can guide you to suitable degassing chamber alternatives, or suggest more modern replacements from the DEGASi® family of stand-alone degassers.

Degassing Chamber

Mini degassing chambers

Available in different designs for most solvents and many flow rates.

Internal volume: 6, 25, 100, 285, 480, or 925 µL (depending on model)
Nominal flow rate: 0.025-6 mL/min (depending on model)

Film degassing chamber

Universal solvent compatibility at very low flow resistance.

Internal volume: 500 µL
Nominal flow rate: 8 mL/min

Preparative Degassing Chamber

Prep degassing chamber

Twin-chamber design with low flow resistance that is easy to prime.

Internal volume: 5.4 mL/channel
Nominal flow rate: 15 mL/min

Prep+ degassing chamber

Powerful degassing chamber for high flow rates.

Internal volume: 22 mL/channel
Nominal flow rate: 100 mL/min

High Flow 1000 degassing chamber

For aqueous solutions at extremely high flow rates.

Internal volume: 200 mL/channel
Nominal flow rate: 1000 mL/min

Vacuum pumps, control boards and accessories

When degasser vacuum pumps or controller boards fail, they have often been in operation for so long that the original part is not manufactured any longer. Fortunately, Biotech Fluidics has extensive experience replacing obsolete vacuum pumps and control boards. Consult our vacuum pump product number replacement finder below, or our online vacuum pump selector list, to learn the recommended alternative when you need to exchange a malfunctioning unit in your present degasser. Or contact Biotech Fluidics and share a photo of your unit, to help us guide you to a suitable replacement.

In cases where there has been a leakage from the fluidic line into the vacuum line, there is a high risk that the vacuum sensor on the control board has been damaged. In these situations, there are often so many damaged components that one should consider exchanging the entire degasser, and Biotech Fluidics can certainly guide you to the most suitable modern alternative from the DEGASi® family of stand-alone degassers.

Find replacement degassing vacuum pumps

Systec ZHCR Degassing Pump

Systec ZHCR Degassing Pump

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