Legacy degassers and debubblers

Guide from old models to modern replacements

The DEGASi® family of stand-alone degassers was first introduced more than 20 years ago and while delivering superior degasification performance at the time, these models cannot compare to the degassers of today and many have consequently been taken out of production. The information below about these outdated models are kept for reference and for smooth guidance to more modern degasser alternatives. The outdated debubbler products have been completely replaced by various DEGASi® degasser models that eliminates bubbles by efficiently removing dissolved gases that otherwise could outgas to form bubbles.

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Replacement products

Legacy DEGASi® Classic Degasser
Legacy IDEX Analytical Stand Alone Degasser
SKU: 0001-6352-A, 0001-6353-A, 0001-6354-A, 0001-6355-A (with & without the -A suffix)
Replaced by DEGASi® Plus Classic, or DEGASi® Integration Classic

Legacy DEGASi® GPC Degasser
Legacy IDEX Analytical GPC Stand Alone Degasser
SKU: 0001-6610, 0001-6622, 0001-6623, 0001-6624, 0001-6625
Replaced by DEGASi® Plus GPC, or DEGASi® Integration GPC

Legacy DEGASi® Micro Degasser
SKU: 0001-6352-S, 0001-6353-S, 0001-6354-S, 0001-6355-S
Replaced by DEGASi® Plus Micro, or DEGASi® Integration Micro

Legacy DEGASi® Semi-Prep Degasser
SKU: 0001-6352-L, 0001-6353-L, 0001-6354-L, 0001-6355-L
Replaced by DEGASi® Plus Semi-Prep, or DEGASi® Integration Semi-Prep

Legacy DEGASi® Preparative Degasser
Legacy IDEX Preparative Stand Alone Degasser

SKU: 0001-6482, 0001-6484
Replaced by DEGASi® Prep, or DEGASi® Prep+

Legacy DEGASi® High Flow Degasser
SKU: HF.500-S
Replaced by DEGASi® High Flow 1000

Biotech line-up of debubblers

Legacy IDEX Debubblers
SKU: 9000-1540, 9000-1541, 9000-1544, 9000-1545, 9000-1549
Replaced by DEGASi® BioCompact, or different models in the DEGASi® Plus series, or DEGASi® Integration series


All the legacy DEGASi® degassers did remove dissolved gases by continuous inline degasification using a constant vacuum applied over a Systec™ AF membrane that is permeable to gases but not liquids. The removal of dissolved gases from liquid chromatography mobile phases reduces retention time shifts and improves baseline stability, while also reducing the level of oxygen which otherwise can interfere with detection techniques such as UV absorption and fluorescence. All problems with bubbles are typically eliminated when 50% of the dissolves gases are removed, which often can be critical in analytical systems as well as dispensing applications. The legacy debubbler products were based on a Poridex™ membrane for bubble removal. Unlike the Systec™ AF membrane, the porous Poridex™ membrane was only compatible with aqueous solutions not containing any organic solvents, detergents, or emulsifiers.

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