The toughest degasser

Biotech Fluidics has recently launched a new model of inline degassers, designed for full compatibility with the toughest solvents. We named it DEGASi® Integration HFIP since it can withstand the highly aggressive solvent hexafluoro isopropanol (HFIP) that is used in liquid chromatography separations of certain polymers and peptides that are difficult to dissolve otherwise. The DEGASi® HFIP inline degasser is compatible with a range of volatile and aggressive solvents, including hexafluoro isopropanol and silanes, but can certainly also manage all other solvents used for gel permeation chromatography (GPC) and size exclusion chromatography (SEC).

Available with two different degassing chambers for analytical and semi-preparative applications, the DEGASi® Integration HFIP can handle flow rates up to 3 and 6 mL/min, respectively. This inline degasser also comes with the new integration feature, meaning that it provides an output signal corresponding to the internal vacuum level (5 mV/mmHg), thus enabling continuous direct monitoring by instrument assemblies and software.

For more information about the new DEGASi® Integration HFIP model of inline degassers, or to discuss the selection of degasser for your application, please contact Biotech Fluidics.

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