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Collaborative innovation

Let us help you design your successful fluidic system

Biotech Fluidics can support your high-precision fluidic instrument development project. We are convinced that successful implementation of innovative ideas requires a range of different competencies, and we would be happy to share our knowledge about bubble elimination, selection of flow components to withstand challenging environments, and recommend suitable devices for fluid management or continuous inline monitoring.

No development project is too small for Biotech Fluidics, while we certainly also have the capability to supply thousands of products directly to your assembly line. Two examples of areas where we frequently advise customers and provide tailored product solutions are OEM degassers for system integration and custom-designed tubing kits with fittings, but our consultation span the full range of items for fluidic systems.

Contact Biotech Fluidics to discuss your specific requirements so we together can create Great Fluidic Solutions.

Our wheel of innovation

Your reliable partner

Biotech Fluidics aims to be your most reliable partner and we have carefully built quality and knowledge into the very core of our company. We are eager to share our experience so you can construct fluidic systems from high-quality components that successfully fulfils your process goals. By keeping an ample stock of popular items and frequent resupply, we offer fast delivery to all parts of the world through trusted express shipment partners. Biotech Fluidics care for flexible and customizable solutions for fluidic systems, and we provide local support through our offices in Europe, Japan, and USA.

Examples of customized products


OEM degassers for integration

For liquid degasification, Biotech Fluidics offers a wide variety of purposely designed OEM degassers to be integrated into different high-precision fluidic systems. The components for these degassers are often from the trusted DEGASi® family, or variants thereof, but combined in a manner that is tailored to your specific system requirements.

Custom-designed tubing kits

Pre-cut tubing with pre-assembled fittings can save plenty of time in a fast-paced production line or in situations when tubing is frequently replaced to avoid risks of cross contamination. Take full advantage of the skilled assembly staff and precision tubing cutting machines at Biotech Fluidics, and order custom-designed tubing kits for your needs.

Any questions?

If you have any inquiries about our products and services, we’re here to help.

Phone: +46 300 56 91 80

News & insights about collaborations

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