Film degassing chamber

The Film degassing chamber is an alternative for analytical and semi-preparative conditions with flow rates up to 8 mL/min. This unique chamber design accomplishes efficient degassing with a remarkably low flow resistance by employing a flat reinforced Teflon™ AF membrane.

The construction of the flat film degassing chamber is completely metal free, yet compatible with all organic solvents including hexane and hexafluoro isopropanol (HFIP). The wetted materials are Teflon™ AF, PEEK, and carbon. It has an internal volume of 500 µL and is equipped 1/4-28 UNF threaded flat-bottom ports.

The Film degassing chamber can be incorporated into the custom designed OEM degassers constructed and supplied by Biotech Fluidics, or replace chambers in existing degassing systems. To take full advantage of its capabilities, this degassing chamber should be combined with CPD (constant performance degassing) vacuum pumps that can deliver variable vacuum levels.

SKU: 9000-2071

Flat Film Degassing Chamber

DEGASi Flat Film Degasser

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