MarvelXACT™ tubing assemblies

Fittings and tubing for UHPLC performance

MarvelXACT™ UHPLC tubing assemblies utilize patented MarvelXACT™ fittings and 1/32″ OD flexible tubing with 1/16″ sealing ends to conveniently ensure UHPLC performance. The assemblies are available with PEEK-lined stainless steel tubing or stainless steel tubing with different diameters ranging from 25 µm ID to 254 µm ID in tubing lengths from 150 mm up to 600 mm.

The MarvelXACT™ fitting features torque-limiting technology that is finger-tight and provides a haptic “click” feedback when it reaches the optimum torque, assuring a perfect zero dead volume connection every time. The PEEK-lined stainless steel tubing ensures a fully biocompatible flow path capable of withstanding UHPLC pressures up to 1300 bar (19000 psi) routinely. The fitting can be connected and disconnected 100+ times in 10-32 coned ports from all instrument manufacturers.

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Product features and portfolio


Tubing MaterialInner Diameter150 mm250 mm350 mm500 mm600 mm
PEEK-lined SST25 μm IDUPFP-7025150UPFP-7025250UPFP-7025350UPFP-7025500UPFP-7025600
PEEK-lined SST50 μm IDUPFP-7050150UPFP-7050250UPFP-7050350UPFP-7050500UPFP-7050600
PEEK-lined SST75 μm IDUPFP-7075150UPFP-7075250UPFP-7075350UPFP-7075500UPFP-7075600
PEEK-lined SST100 μm IDUPFP-7100150UPFP-7100250UPFP-7100350UPFP-7100500UPFP-7100600
Stainless-steel100 μm IDUPFS-7100150UPFS-7100250UPFS-7100350UPFS-7100500UPFS-7100600
Stainless-steel125 μm IDUPFS-7125150UPFS-7125250UPFS-7125350UPFS-7125500UPFS-7125600
Stainless-steel254 μm IDUPFS-7254150UPFS-7254250UPFS-7254350UPFS-7254500UPFS-7254600

Product Specifications
Pressure Capability19,000 psi (~1,310 bar) for routine use; up to 23,000 psi max over pressure for PEEK-Lined versions; up to 29,000 psi max over pressure for Stainless Steel versions
Installation MethodFinger-tighten until the first “click” feedback is received.
Tubing Type1/32” OD flexible 316 Stainless Steel with 1/16” OD rigid tube ends
Fitting Type10-32 threaded, PEEK fittings with 316 Stainless Steel threads
Wetted MaterialsPEEK-Lined versions: PEEK | Stainless Steel versions: PEEK and 316 Stainless Steel
NOTE: The above performance specifications apply to use with appropriately-designed receiving ports under optimal conditions, using water for the testing process. If different conditions are used, the expected pressure threshold will be different.

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