NanoTight™ fittings

Use with tubing sleeves for capillary connections

NanoTight™ fittings and sleeves are designed to connect 70 µm–1 mm OD capillary tubing to any standard 10-32 coned port normally intended for 1/16” OD tubing using the NanoTight™ tubing sleeves. The employed ETFE ferrule material is softer than PEEK, making it a good candidate for connecting thin-walled semi-rigid tubing such as FEP and ETFE into 10-32 ports with minimal constricting to the inner diameter. Choose from an extensive range of NanoTight™ tubing sleeves to match your capillary OD from 70 µm to 1 mm. Each pack of NanoTight™ fittings contains both nuts and a matching number of ferrules, and the ferrules can also be ordered separately.

Note that the F-142N ETFE ferrule also fits the two-piece fingertight fittings and that the NanoTight™ fitting also can be used to connect any 1/16” OD tubing.

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Consult the Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings for a quick overview, the Fittings 101 for guidance and learning, and the IDEX Catalogue for product details, or contact Biotech Fluidics for expert advice.

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