MarvelX™ UHPLC fittings & assemblies

Finger-tight zero dead volume every time

MarvelX™ is a second-generation UHPLC finger-tight connection technology from IDEX Health & Science. Besides the ease of use and excellent re-usability, this marvelous connection series ensures zero dead volume and high plate efficiency, compatible with all 10-32 coned receiving ports. These removable stainless steel fittings do not rely on any ferrules, but use a tip sealing technology that gives zero dead volume in every port. The fittings are reusable up to 200 times, and uses high flexible robust replaceable precision-cut tubing with minimum tip damage. The MarvelX™ connections that seals up to 19,000 PSI does not require any connection tools. MarvelX™ are available in both PEEK-lined stainless steel and in stainless steel, in a variety of lengths and ID:s.

Compared to the third-generation UHPLC fittings MarvelXACT™, the MarvelX™ occupies less space, but on the other hand requires the user to manually ensure that the fitting is not overtightened.

MarvelX™ tubing assemblies

Tubing MaterialInner Diameter70 mm150 mm250 mm350 mm500 mm600 mm
PEEK-lined SST25 μm IDUPFP-6025070UPFP-6025150UPFP-6025250UPFP-6025350UPFP-6025500UPFP-6025600
PEEK-lined SST50 μm IDUPFP-6050070UPFP-6050150UPFP-6050250UPFP-6050350UPFP-6050500UPFP-6050600
PEEK-lined SST75 μm IDUPFP-6075070UPFP-6075150UPFP-6075250UPFP-6075350UPFP-6075500UPFP-6075600
PEEK-lined SST100 μm IDUPFP-6100070UPFP-6100150UPFP-6100250UPFP-6100350UPFP-6100500UPFP-6100600
PEEK-lined SST150 μm IDUPFP-6150070UPFP-6150150UPFP-6150250UPFP-6150350UPFP-6150500UPFP-6150600
PEEK-lined SST300 μm IDUPFP-6300070UPFP-6300150UPFP-6300250UPFP-6300350UPFP-6300500UPFP-6300600
Stainless-steel100 μm IDUPFS-6100070UPFS-6100150UPFS-6100250UPFS-6100350UPFS-6100500UPFS-6100600
Stainless-steel125 μm IDUPFS-6125070UPFS-6125150UPFS-6125250UPFS-6125350UPFS-6125500UPFS-6125600
Stainless-steel254 μm IDUPFS-6254070UPFS-6254150UPFS-6254250UPFS-6254350UPFS-6254500UPFS-6254600

Comparison of UHPLC separation performance

MarvelX™ vs conventional stainless steel fittings and tubing

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