OEM degassers

Tailored for your system requirements

Biotech Fluidics offers a wide variety of purposely designed degassers for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to be integrated into different high-precision fluidic systems all over the world. The components for these degassers are often from the trusted DEGASi® family, or variants thereof, but combined in a manner that is tailored to your specific system requirements. Many of the more frequently supplied OEM degasser modules are available from stock or can be assembled within a few days for fast delivery.

Every customized OEM degasser starts with a meeting where you are asked to describe the fluidic system you have constructed or are designing. Crucial information for us is to learn about what solvents will be handled and what chemicals they contain, plus whether you require flow paths that are fully biocompatible and metal-free. Additional important information is the liquid flow rate, the number of flow channels, and what demands you have on output information such as status indication by LEDs or even continuous monitoring of vacuum level, plus any requirements on dimensions and power input.

Based on your description, we put together the ideal combination of flow channel design with System™ AF degasser membrane, and ZHCR® vacuum pump with closed-loop vacuum circuit board control, all fitted with cables and mounted in the bracket layout that suits the needs for your instrument and assembly line. Just as the stand-alone degassers from Biotech Fluidics, every OEM degasser is tested before delivery to ensure reliable performance. Biotech Fluidics can also supply additional flow components for your high-precision fluidic system, including tubing, fittings & connectors, filters & frits, valves, sensors, detectors, and more.

On this page are some of the OEM degasser modules that Biotech Fluidics have designed over the years, but many additional variants are possible. Contact Biotech Fluidics to discuss your specific requirements so we together can create Great Fluidic Solutions.


OEM Mini Degasser

Degasser OEM L-Bracket

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