Volumetric dispenser

For aggressive liquids and solvents

The new Volumetric Precision Dispenser can easily dispense large volumes of liquids repeatedly with high precision. It can be programmed with a volume between <30 to 1100 ml and with an extra valve, it can even be used for dilution purposes. Due to its corrosion resistant parts in liquid contact, the dispenser can handle almost all organic solvents.

The process is managed via a touch panel without the use of a PC, just enter the desired volume and the dispenser will transfer the correct amount of liquid.

We can offer the dispenser in other configurations, such as compact models with shorter but broader cylinders, when a slightly less accurate delivery is acceptable. Lower volume ranges, e.g., 500 ml are also available. Instead of a stand, it may also be mounted on a stainless lab trolley or with the lower part under a table. Call us for details.

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