The unique Biotech Fluidics PORO-FRIT™ filters are constructed from woven wire cloth, closely bonded together in laminate layers by a unique sintering process. This provides an extremely uniform filtration permeability, ideal for larger diameter liquid chromatography columns and other situations where a non-uniform filtration flow path may have high impact on plug flow shape and consistency.

Every PORO-FRIT™ comes with predetermined precise characteristics regarding to pore size, number or layers, strength, pore distribution, and permeability. This gives a uniform and consistent pore geometry without any “blind holes”, thus pawing the way for an unmatched filtration uniformity. The PORO-FRIT™ is available with pore sizes from 2 µm and larger, and can be delivered in several different diameters. These unique filters are typically not stocked or available off-the-shelf, but are instead custom-made items, manufactured according to your specifications regarding porosity and physical dimensions.

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