Customized tubing kits

Cut to length and equipped with fittings and labels

Biotech Fluidics can manufacture ready-to-use kits with your desired tubing in requested lengths and including the fittings you need; attached, labelled and packed. We help you select the best fittings and tubing for every application.

Custom length & with pre-mounted fittings

We can mount easy-to-use fittings to your tubes. All for your convenience. Nicely pre-cut tubing of desired length.

Printed or tubing markers

Make your system easy to use with printed tubes or a colored tubing marker.

Flanged or thermo-formed

If you prefer a flanged end of the tube, or a thermo formed tube – let us know. Note that Biotech Fluidics also manufacture tubular reaction delay coils.

Clean room manufactured

If you have high demands regarding cleanness we can offer clean room manufactured tubing.

We help you every step of the way:

  • Wide selection of tubing materials and sizes
  • Fittings, filters, tools, tubing markers and accessories
  • Labelling with your logo and company details
  • Packaging in boxes or plastic bags
  • Long experience in fluidic system design
  • We help you to find solutions for your needs

Any questions?

If you have any inquiries about our products and services, we’re here to help.

Phone: +46 300 56 91 80