PEEK frits

The patented PEEK frits from IDEX offer exceptionally uniform porosity. This ensures longer filtration life and consistent frit-to-frit swept volumes. The PEEK polymer frit discs are biocompatible and compatible with most solvents, making them well-suited for bioanalytical applications, both at high and low pressure.

The filter disk rings, constructed from PCTFE (polychlorotrifluoroethylene) are slightly thicker than the frit disk, providing enhanced sealing and excellent chemical resistance up to 80 ºC.

Note that the manufacturing process may cause some slight colour variance in our PEEK frits. This does not affect their quality or performance. Frit dimensions are approximate. Actual batch-to-batch frit dimensions may vary slightly.

  • Long filtration life
  • Consistent frit-to-frit swept volumes
  • Biocompatible and inert to most solvents
  • Suitable for low and high pressure applications
  • Enhanced sealing and excellent chemical resistance

Analytical PEEK frits

0.5 µm PEEK frits

2 µm PEEK frits

Prod. No.*PorosityDisc DiameterDisc ThicknessRing ODRing MaterialFrit Volume
A-7002 µm0.062” (0.16 cm)0.062” (0.16 cm)0.250” (0.64 cm)PCTFE0.7 µL
A-7010.5 µm0.062” (0.16 cm)0.062” (0.16 cm)0.250” (0.64 cm)PCTFE0.6 µL
A-7022 µm0.091” (0.23 cm)0.062” (0.16 cm)0.250” (0.64 cm)PCTFE1.7 µL
A-7030.5 µm0.092” (0.23 cm)0.062” (0.16 cm)0.250” (0.64 cm)PCTFE1.4 µL
A-7042 µm0.125” (0.32 cm)0.062” (0.16 cm)0.250” (0.64 cm)PCTFE3.0 µL
A-7062 µm0.188” (0.48 cm)0.062” (0.16 cm)0.250” (0.64 cm)PCTFE7.1 µL
A-7070.5 µm0.195” (0.5 cm)0.062” (0.16 cm)0.250” (0.64 cm)PCTFE6.1 µL
A-7082 µm0.062” (0.16 cm)0.062” (0.16 cm)0.200” (0.51 cm)PCTFE0.7 µL
A-7102 µm0.125” (0.32 cm)0.062” (0.16 cm)0.200” (0.51 cm)PCTFE3.0 µL

Semi-preparative PEEK frits

2 µm Semi-prep PEEK frits

5 & 10 µm Semi-prep PEEK frits

Prod. No.*PorosityDisc DiameterDisc ThicknessRing ODRing MaterialFrit Volume
A-72010 µm0.125” (0.32 cm)0.070” (0.18 cm)0.250” (0.64 cm)PCTFE4.2 µL
A-72210 µm0.197” (0.5 cm)0.070” (0.18 cm)0.250” (0.64 cm)PCTFE9.9 µL
OC-8022 µm0.460” (1.17 cm)0.070” (0.18 cm)0.560” (1.42 cm)PCTFE46.4 µL
OC-80310 µm0.460” (1.17 cm)0.072” (0.18 cm)0.560” (1.42 cm)PCTFE57.2 µL
OC-8055 µm0.460” (1.17 cm)0.058” (0.15 cm)0.560” (1.42 cm)PCTFE41.1 µL
OC-8155 µm0.293” (0.74 cm)0.062” (0.16 cm)0.375” (0.95 cm)PCTFE17.8 µL

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