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Filters & Frits

Biotech Fluidics provides a range of different filters and frits to keep particular matters at the desired place within high-precision fluidic systems. Several of our filters are designed to stop foreign particles from entering sensitive parts of equipment, thereby prolonging lifetime and reducing service costs. The purpose of other filters and frits can be to keep particles with desired functional properties in their correct position, for example within a chromatographic separation column. All filters and frits from Biotech Fluidics are manufactured with uniform porosity and designed to provide a long filtration lifetime.

Stainless-steel frits

The wide assortment of stainless-steel filters enables efficient filtration both at fast flow rates and with very low internal volumes, to satisfy the requirements in most situations.

PEEK frits

The patented PEEK frits from IDEX come with an exceptionally uniform porosity and offer full biocompatibility and excellent chemical resistance to most organic solvents.

Inline filters

Inline filters are specifically designed to prevent particulate matters that have been formed or released within a flow path to contaminate and clog sensitive equipment.

Inlet filters

Inlet filters protect your system from damage by foreign particulate matter, while the Bottom-of-the-Bottle™ versions also maximise the volume use of your solutions.


This clever design combines restriction to particles, with tubing liquid seal within a flat-bottom fitting, thereby providing an extremely space-efficient filtration solution.


The unique PORO-FRIT™ is constructed from woven wire cloth, closely bonded together in laminate layers, thereby creating an extremely uniform filtration permeability.

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