Filters & frits

IDEX Catalogue update 2024

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As the Global Premium Distributor for IDEX, Biotech Fluidics can present an updated IDEX catalogue with flow components, separation tools, and fluid management products. The catalogue has been thoroughly updated and corrected, and all obsolete items have been highlighted or removed. Nevertheless, it is still filled with plenty of fittings, connectors, valves, column hardware, and tubing for construction and maintenance of high precision fluidic systems. As always, Biotech Fluidics is ready to assist you and answer questions about what items would be most suitable for your current fluidics project. Learn more

Mobile phase inlet filter selection

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Eluent inlet filters prevents dust and other foreign particulate matters from entering the flow path of your liquid chromatography instrument. Such particles would otherwise eventually reach the column inlet, increase the system backpressure and might then also introduce radial flow heterogeneity which could affect peak shape. Biotech Fluidics offers a range of competently designed inlet filters in different materials and porosities for a variety of solvents and requirements. All of these have a defined homogenous pore size to effectively block particles above a certain size, while letting the mobile phase through without significant pressure increase. The Bottom-of-the-Bottle™ design of

Preview the new IDEX catalog

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As Global Premium Distributor for IDEX we are proud to present the brand new IDEX catalogue. We have long experience and a unique knowledge about their assortment and can provide you with the right mix of products for a successful lab. Table of contents: Fluidic Connections Tubing Fittings Connectors Filters, frits Valves Automated & manual valves Spare parts Accessories Flow regulating valves Back pressure regulators Degassers, Debubblers Column Hardware Browse or download IDEX Catalogue

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