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Separation tools

Efficient particle filtration and molecular separation

Biotech Fluidics delivers a wide variety of filters in different materials to hinder particles from disturbing your fluidic system or to keep chromatography packing material in place. We also provide a comprehensive range of column hardware for HPLC and UHPLC, in diameters from analytical to preparative sizes.

Through appointed distributors, Biotech Fluidics also provide innovative HPLC and UHPLC columns under the brands HALO® from Advanced Materials Technology (AMT), plus SunShell® and Sunniest™ from ChromaNik Technologies. Scan the webpages below or talk to us if you want assistance in finding a separation tool matching your needs.

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News & insights about separation tools

IDEX Catalogue update 2024

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As the Global Premium Distributor for IDEX, Biotech Fluidics can present an updated IDEX catalogue with flow components, separation tools, and fluid management products. The catalogue has been thoroughly

Mobile phase inlet filter selection

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Eluent inlet filters prevents dust and other foreign particulate matters from entering the flow path of your liquid chromatography instrument. Such particles would otherwise eventually reach the column inlet,

Effect of tubing on peak efficiency for core-shell HPLC columns

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Selecting the appropriate tubing inner diameter (ID) when connecting a HPLC column can be crucial to maintain high peak efficiency while not achieving too high pressure. This is especially

New ChromaNik HPLC and UHPLC application dictionary

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Order the new Chromanik-Biotech Application Dictionary on USB stick or download it as pdf file. This booklet contains over 120 application examples of how Chromanik HPLC and UHPLC columns

Micro and Nano LC-MS columns

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ChromaNik have released a range of Micro and Nano LC-MS columns with diameters from 0.5 mm down to 75 µm in different lengths. The columns are available with the

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