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Liquid handling

This section contains specifically designed products that facilitate everyday liquid handling in your laboratory. The SmartSaver™ Solvent recycler from Biotech Fluidics enables you to easily reuse and save solvents during isocratic HPLC separations. The Volumetric Precision Dispenser on the other hand, facilitates repeated precision dispensing of many organic solvents.

Solvent recycler

The SmartSaver™ Solvent recycler enables reusing up to 90% of HPLC mobile phases during separations with isocratic elution. It is powered directly from the computer with your chromatography data system making it simple to use.

Volumetric dispenser

The Volumetric Precision Dispenser can easily dispense large volumes of liquids repeatedly with high precision. The dispenser is compatible with most organic solvents, and its touch control is very easy to use.

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