The new standard for refractive index detection in HPLC

The new REFRACTiMASTER® differential refractive index (DRI) detector from Biotech Fluidics excels in every aspect. It is perfect for determination of compounds with no or low UV absorbance.

REFRACTiMASTER® provides reliable detection of simple sugars, complex carbohydrates, alcohols, fatty acids, and polymers or for any application when a generic detection method is preferable. Detection of impurities regardless of chromophores or extinction factors is another field where refractive index detection provide extra quality.

  • Delivered from stock
  • Built-in overpressure protection
  • Compatible with any chromatography system
  • Flow range 0.1-10 mL/min
  • Temperatures up to 80 °C

Why DRI?
UV detection is dependent on ultra-violet light adsorption and mass spectrometry (MS) on formation of ions, whereas Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detection is possible for almost any molecule regardless of size or structure.

Extended temperature range
REFRACTiMASTER® can handle temperatures up to 80 ºC, thereby enabling Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detection at reduced backpressure and with enhanced resolution accomplished by the use of column ovens.

Over-pressure safety
REFRACTiMASTER® has a built-in function protecting the flow cell from destruction by accidental over-pressure. This unique feature may save not only your day but also your budget.

3 years warranty
At Biotech Fluidics we only operate with the best design and components. We trust our quality and offer an industry unique warranty of 3 years for the REFRACTiMASTER® detector.

Low noise, high sensitivity and wide linearity

The unique design of REFRACTiMASTER® not only provides safety features protecting the flow cell in the case of blockage but also improves the analytical performance against available alternatives. The 7.6 µL flow cell and measurement cell have been designed to optimise performance. REFRACTiMASTER® outperforms benchmark reference units with a baseline noise of 7 µV as compared to 14 µV. The detector also deliver 20% better response compared to benchmark reference units.

Easy to use interface

REFRACTiMASTER® is fitted with a 4.3’’ touch panel and an intuitive interface to optimise the user experience. From the touch panel operational are easily set. This includes purging, integration time, measuring range and flush time. Measuring temperature setpoint is easily set in steps of 1 ºC from room temperature to 80 ºC to follow the column temperature.

Technical data

REFRACTiMASTER® is built to fill the demands of modern chromatograph systems.

A complete delivery consists of REFRACTiMASTER® HPLC-DRI detector unit with main cable, USB Cable, female plug (10 pole), operating tool, color coded flat cable (10 pole).

OEM version may be provided on request. Please contact Biotech Fluidics for more details.

Analog Input ± 2.5 V
2 TTL Level Digital Outputs (Start, Error)
2 TTL Level Digital Inputs (Start, Error)
USB and LAN Connection

Analog output ± 1V Full Range
Analog output ± 1V for currently selected

AB-20101REFRACTiMASTER® RI detector

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