DEGASi® BioCompact

The smallest degasser in the world?

The DEGASi® BioCompact degasser is designed to minimize laboratory footprint while providing adequate degasification properties for several different aqueous and organic liquids in analytical instrumentation at an attractive price. This degasser is available with only one type of degassing chamber, but this is fully biocompatible and designed for many applications with flow rates up to 2 mL/min.

This degasser construction is suitable for typical reversed phase HPLC and ion chromatography applications, while also being compatible with straight phase chromatography and gel-permeation chromatography (GPC) that employ hexane and similar organic solvents.


  • Very silent & long life expectancy
  • Low swept volume & easy to prime
  • Available with 1-6 degassing channels
  • Advanced leak and error detection functions with bicolour indicator LED
  • Patented closed-loop vacuum control for ultra-stable performance
  • Minimal footprint (167 x 59 x 111 mm)
  • Minimal weight (≤1.4 kg)
  • Short lead time
  • CE & RoHS compatible


The DEGASi® BioCompact degasser remove dissolved gases by continuous inline degassing using a constant vacuum applied over a Systec™ AF membrane that is permeable to gases but not liquids. The removal of dissolved gases from liquid chromatography mobile phases reduces retention time shifts and improves baseline stability, while also reducing the level of oxygen which otherwise can interfere with detection techniques such as UV absorption and fluorescence.

All problems with bubbles are typically eliminated when 50% of the dissolves gases are removed, which often can be critical in analytical systems as well as dispensing applications.

Designed for every application

DEGASi® BioCompact product range

DEGASi® BioCompact

Channels: 1-6
Flow rate: 2 mL/min/channel
Pressure rating: 3 bar (50 psi)
Swept volume: 285 µL

Biocompatible: YES
Aqueous-organic: YES
Alkanes: YES

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