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Flow components

Thousands of fittings, unions, adaptors, and tubing

Obtain reliable flow components from Biotech Fluidics to assemble your robust system for high-precision liquid handling. We provide a wide range of fittings, unions, and adaptors, for pressure ratings up to more than 2000 bar (30 000 psi), plus tubing with diameters from a few micrometers up to several millimeters, all in a variety of materials for different purposes.

The trusted manufacturer of most of these items is IDEX Health & Science, for whom Biotech Fluidics is the global premium distributor. Several of these items might also be recognized under the older brand name Upchurch Scientific, which IDEX acquired in 2004.

Biotech Fluidics ship out millions of flow components every year from our stock of hundreds of commonly used items, and an endless supply of thousands of unique specially sourced articles, and we can even arrange custom kits for your requirements. Check out the webpages below or contact us if you want guidance to the ideal flow components for your system.

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