VacuTight™ fittings

For airtight connections at reduced pressure

VacuTight™ Fittings are designed to provide airtight, dependable connections under vacuum and low pressure conditions. Many of the VacuTight™ nuts have streamlined profiles for use in systems requiring a large number of connections in a small area. Furthermore, the VacuTight™ ferrule’s small size ensures sufficient nut/thread engagement, even in shallow ports. These features make VacuTight™ Fittings ideal for combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening, clinical diagnostic, and other automated liquid handling applications.

The configuration of the VacuTight™ flat-bottom ferrules prevents over-compression and tubing ID reduction that can occur with many coned fittings. The result is more consistent aspirating and dispensing volumes across all system connections. The VacuTight™ fittings can also work well in some positive pressure applications. The pressure range for each fitting is listed below and depends upon the tubing used for the connection.

  • For 1/16” & 1/8″ OD tubing connections into 1/4-28 & 10-32 flat-bottom ports
  • Vacuum rated to 25 in-Hg (84 kPa)
  • Improve transfer volume consistency

Product details

Part No.*DescriptionPortPressure RatingHead StyleMaterial
P-844VacuTight Fitting for 1/16” OD Tubing, Short10-32 Flat-Bottom400–800 psi (27–55 bar)Headless KnurlPEEK Red
P-948VacuTight Fitting for 1/8” OD Tubing1/4-28 Flat-Bottom500–1,000 psi (34–69 bar)Standard KnurlPEEK Natural
P-840VacuTight Ferrule for 1/16” OD Tubing10-32 or 1/4-28 Flat-Bottom400–800 psi (27–55 bar)-ETFE Red
P-940VacuTight Ferrule for 1/8” OD TubingM6x1 or 1/4-28 Flat-Bottom500–1,000 psi (34–69 bar)-ETFE Red


Consult the Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings for a quick overview, the Fittings 101 for guidance and learning, and the IDEX Catalogue for product details, or contact Biotech Fluidics for expert advice.

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