Biotech Liquid Flow Meters

Continuous high precision inline flow monitoring without interferences

Measuring of liquid flow rate has traditionally been slow and elaborative. Still today, volumetric flow meters are common despite their significant limitations. High-Resolution Flow Measurement (HRFM) has now been made easy, continuous, and integrated by the series of Biotech Liquid Flow Meters. With these devices, flow data is continuously and accurately recorded and stored in a computer application providing full flow control and documentation. The measurement principle of heat dispersion allows for unprecedented time resolution and provides new insights into flow variation and inconsistency. The internal flow cell has a minimal volume and the inline measurement is accomplished without any interference with the liquid or its flow path.

  • Chromatography validation (IQ, OQ, PQ)
  • Peristaltic pump monitoring and control
  • Flow chemistry process control
  • Process quality assurance and validation

Micro flow meter
With a measuring range from 10 nL/min to 80 µL/min, and a 5 µL flow cell made of quartz glass and PEEK, this unit provides unprecedented insights into nano fluidics.

HPLC flow meter
Optimised for flow rates from 1 µL/min to 5 mL/min, this flow meter fits all modern HPLC, UHPLC, and similar systems. It has a very robust flow sensor made of quartz glass and PEEK.

Prep flow meter
Ranging up to 40 mL/min with the same high precision, accuracy and time resolution as the smaller models, the Prep Flow Meter fills a role in scaling up to fully  preparative systems.

High flow meter
Based on the same technology, the High Flow Meter provides continuous recording of full flow data up to 650 mL/min without sacrificing neither precision nor accuracy.

Time resolved flow measurement

The Biotech Liquid Flow Meters allows the user to select how to monitor the flow by simple adjustment of the sampling speed. This enables monitoring of the average flow rate, or recording of the full flow profile including any pump pulsation on a previously unprecedented level. With this device you might detect pulsations that can explain unexpected results and deviations.

Higher pulsation could indicate for example a leaking pump seal or malfunctioning check valve. This means the Biotech Liquid Flow Meters will be a diagnostic tool for your fluidic system. All data is continuously saved in the computer application via the USB connection which also powers the unit.

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Application examples

Calibration and pump validation protocol

Every flow meter comes delivered with a Certificate of Conformity verified by a 4+1 point test routine. For regulated industries we offer a traceable 10-point calibration with Certificate and a Pump Validation Protocol. This provides easy evaluation and validation of your pump performance including statistics of pulsation with a test protocol output.

Chromatography system integration

A unique accessory driver enable integration of the flow meters to most of the leading Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) (OpenLab, Empower, LabSolutions, Clarity, WinGPC, etc). By integration to your CDS you can collect and document the actual flow profile of each chromatogram directly into your database. No more guess work! The flow meter is simply added as a detector enabled by an additional protocol.

Technical data

Technical Data
Measuring Range0.001 mL/min to 5.000 mL/min
Maximum resolution>0.0005 mL/min
Accuracy>0.2 % FSD
Precision>0.2 % FSD
Integration Time Factor78, 312 (Default), 1172, 5781, 9844 (Milliseconds)
Maximum Pressure3MPa (435 psi)
pH operating range1 to 11
Measuring Cell Volume94µL
Cell Diameter1.8mm
Cell Length37mm
Pressure Drop0.12millibar at 5ml/min of water
Sensor ModuleRobust, thermal- and chemical-resistant
borosilicate glass capillary (Quartz) and PEEK
DisplayHigh-resolution OLED Display with online
flow rate, status & settings information
ControlEasy to use with USB-powered plug
and play functionality
Calibration• Water Validated
• MeOH, THF, EtOH/Water, ACN/Water Pre-set
• Customer chosen alternative
Dimensions40 x 20 x 70 mm (W x H x D)
Weight0.2 kg

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