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Biotech Fluidics provide an extremely wide range of highly competent fittings and connectors to join tubing with each other and with several types of instruments performing liquid analysis or processing. The trusted manufacturer of most of these items is IDEX Health & Science, for whom Biotech Fluidics is the global premium distributor. Several of these items might also be recognized under the older brand name Upchurch Scientific, which IDEX acquired in 2004.

Among all the fittings supplied by Biotech Fluidics provide, the patented MarvelXACT™ fitting stands out with its sophisticated design to automatically provide just the right amount of torque for ferrule-free high-pressure sealing even when it is frequently opened and reconnected. This construction is ideal for UHPLC and HPLC column connection. Many other fittings for high- and low-pressure connections, may have a simpler construction, but is still highly fit for their purpose. To sum up, Biotech Fluidics do have suitable fittings for every high-precision instrument.

Our different union designs are constructed for tubing OD ranging from 360 µm up to 5/16” (7.9 mm) and we have male and female adaptors for many different port designs, including coned 6-32 and 10-32 UNC, flat-bottom 1/4-28 UNF and M6, luer and luer-lock, as well as some barbed tubing connections. All fittings and connectors supplied by Biotech Fluidics come with consistent high quality and often with speedy delivery from our extensive stock.

Biotech Fluidics also provide technical resources to help you to create great fluidic solutions. Download the poster Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings and the booklet Fittings 101 to get assistance in the selection of fittings for your application and to learn more about the features of different types of fittings. Browse the IDEX catalogue for product details and contact Biotech Fluidics for further guidance in selection of fittings, unions, and adapters for your fluidic system.

IDEX coned port fittings

The IDEX coned port fittings are designed to seal efficiently at the high pressures used in HPLC, ion chromatography, and related precision fluidic systems. They are available in several materials for different tubing diameters, and includes both one-piece fingertight designs and traditional constructions that require tools for tightening.

IDEX flat-bottom fittings

The comprehensive range of IDEX fitting designs for connections of polymeric tubing of different diameters are eliminating the need for flanged tubing. The designs typically encompass a nut and a ferrule constructed to hold the tubing tightly, but not squeeze it too tight and risk affecting the flow path dimensions.


Join fluid streams easily in a variety of ways. Our comprehensive line of unions is available in several different materials for a range of tubing diameters, fitting designs, and pressure ratings. We also provide many adaptors so you effortlessly can connect tubing of different sizes and dissimilar fitting types.

MarvelXACT™ UHPLC fitting

Tight with a click! Gives perfect fitting torque, with zero dead volume sealing every time, up to 1300 bar (19000 psi) routinely. Pre-fitted to flexible PEEK-lined stainless-steel tubing and reconnects up to 100 times. Ideal for UHPLC column connections and similar positions that frequently are exchanged by several different persons.

Plugs & caps

Explore our comprehensive assortment of caps & plugs for different port geometries and situations. Plugs can close off unused ports in valves and multi-port connectors or seal columns to prevent them from drying out. Caps allows open tubing ends to be covered to avoid extended exposure to open air.


Consult the Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings for a quick overview, the Fittings 101 for guidance and learning, and the IDEX Catalogue for product details, or contact Biotech Fluidics for expert advice.

Periodic table of
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Fittings 101
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