DEGASi® Prep

Powerful degasser with low flow resistance

DEGASi® Prep is a powerful degasser for aqueous and organic liquids. It can be configured with 2 or 4 channels and will efficiently degas liquids at flow rates up to 15 mL/min/channel. Each degasser channel has an internal volume of 5.4 mL, thereby providing low flow resistance that is especially suitable for low pressure gradient mixing in liquid chromatography and similar applications. The degasser is compatible with aqueous-organic liquids and with organic solvents including hexane.

As with all DEGASi® Preparative series degassers, you can expect very silent and trouble-free operation for many years. It is easy to exchange solvents in the degasser thanks to the low swept volume and efficient design of each channel. The internal patented closed-loop vacuum control assures ultra-stable degassing performance that minimize noise in your high-throughput system. Each degasser comes with advanced leak and error detection functions and a bicolour indicator LED to show current status. The degasser is fully compatible with CE and RoHS directives.

SKU: 0041-#053 (# = number of channels)

DEGASi® Prep

Channels: 2 or 4
Flow rate: 15 mL/min/channel
Pressure rating: 5 bar (70 psi)
Swept volume: 5.4 mL

Biocompatible: NO
Aqueous-organic: YES
Alkanes: YES

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