DEGASi® Plus UltraNano

Optimized for ultra-low flow rates

The DEGASi® Plus UltraNano degasser is optimised for ultra-low flow rates of aqueous and organic liquids up to 25 μL/min. This degasser is equipped with 1-6 chambers with biocompatible flow path of only 6 μL for aqueous-organic liquids but is not compatible with hexane and similar organic solvents.

As with all DEGASi® Plus degassers, you can expect very silent and trouble-free operation for many years. It is easy to exchange solvents in the degasser thanks to the low swept volume and efficient design of each channel. The internal patented closed-loop vacuum control assures ultra-stable degassing performance that minimize noise in your high-precision system. The degasser comes with advanced leak and error detection functions and a bicolour indicator LED to show current status. The slim housing occupies a small bench space (230 x 56 x 107 mm) and is easy to access for replacement of parts. The degasser is fully compatible with CE and RoHS directives.

SKU: 0003-635#-uN (# = number of channels)

DEGASi® Plus UltraNano

Channels: 1-6
Flow rate: 25 µL/min/channel
Pressure rating: 1.8 bar (27 psi)
Swept volume: 6 µL

Biocompatible: YES
Aqueous-organic: YES
Alkanes: NO

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