How can I make my fluidic system more sustainable?

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Instrumental analysis may use resources that are limited and chemicals that have negative environmental impact. By constructing fluidic systems to deliver accurate and consistent results with low variability, we

Swedish Midsummer celebrations

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Due to our Midsummer celebration, our business in Sweden is closed Friday the 21st of June. After that date, we are open as usual the whole summer. Sweden’s Midsummer

IDEX Catalogue update 2024

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As the Global Premium Distributor for IDEX, Biotech Fluidics can present an updated IDEX catalogue with flow components, separation tools, and fluid management products. The catalogue has been thoroughly

Interview about how Biotech Fluidics can be of help

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During the Analytica exhibition in Munich Germany, the team from LCGC International interviewed Dr. Fritiof Pontén, CEO of Biotech Fluidics, about what Biotech Fluidics can do to help customers

New convenient degasser selection guide

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Biotech Fluidics has produced a new convenient degasser selection guide covering the different models in the family of DEGASi® Stand-Alone inline degassers. This comprehensive product range have expanded rapidly

How can I find Upchurch Scientific fittings and connectors?

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The Upchurch Scientific brand and the Upchurch fittings has since 1975 been synonymous with the most innovative connection systems for the demanding requirements in HPLC and other fluid handling

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