Automated flow chemistry cooperation

During 2023, Biotech Fluidics was selected by AutoSyn AB to work on a series of enhancements for their Autonomous Chemistry Lab flow chemistry system. The Autonomous Chemistry Lab, developed at Chalmers Technical University, Gothenburg, and commercialized by AutoSyn AB, is creating a transformative new way of doing chemistry where reaction sequences for chemical compounds are developed faster and with less resource waste than has been possible. This is achieved by combining flow chemistry methods with analytical tools and supporting AI algorithms, leading to reduced amounts of materials and time required for each process cycle.

Hannes Schomaker, co-founder and CTO of AutoSyn AB, said “We have partnered with Biotech Fluidics since the early days of starting our company. Their broad technical and application expertise, and willingness to discuss, explain and develop novel solutions, has made our cooperation a success. We have been very satisfied with Biotech´s services and are looking forward to a continued fruitful partnership and are already working on the next projects.”

Our CEO, Fritiof Pontén replied “We were delighted to be chosen by AutoSyn AB to help solve multiple challenges in their product development. At Biotech Fluidics we have in-depth expertise in developing high performance solutions for fluidic systems and find a pleasure in providing the best possible support to OEM’s and developers to access the full potential of their instruments.”

For more information on the Autonomous Chemistry Lab and the services that AutoSyn AB offers, please visit their website or get in contact via email

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