Tubing kits for dissolution testing

Did you know that Biotech Fluidics custom manufacture tubing kits for dissolution testing equipment and for other purposes?

In pharmaceutical dissolution testing, the solution into which the medication is gradually dissolved, is sampled repeatedly over a certain time period at standardised conditions, to determine the rate of release of an active ingredient. Instruments for these tests are typically designed to perform several parallel experiments in separate vessels. Although sampling could be performed manually, automatic sampling and analysis allow for considerably increased throughput. Automatic sampling typically requires multiple transfer lines to be connected to each vessel for sample withdrawal. This may quickly build up to handling many different sorts of tubing and fitting components to stock for a certain system. Purchasing pre-made tubing kits from Biotech Fluidics can help you simply the setup and execution of these test.

Our long experience in inert and chemically resistant tubing and first-class fittings for a wide variety of requirements, combined with a high-quality assembly line with skilled staff, makes Biotech Fluidics your perfect partner for any tubing kit manufacturing. Tubing kits can be adapted to fit any brand dissolution instrument on the market, including for example Agilent, Bioevopeak, Distek, Electrolab, Erweka, Hanson, Logan, Pharmtest, Sotax, Teledyne, Toron, and certainly also to other types of instruments. Contact Biotech Fluidics to discuss your specific requirements.

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