COVID-19 update from Biotech

At Biotech, all is well. People do not need to be in the office and can work from home. We take all precautions possible to keep our staff safe and healthy.

No deliveries from Biotech have been affected by COVID-19.

Our sub-suppliers are working at normal pace.
We continue to focus our efforts on keeping deliveries on time.

From our key supplier IDEX:
“We have not experienced any issues and will not be shut down as we are considered an essential business since we are helping our customers combat this. The teams have done a great job at communicating and we have no people infected at our facility. We’ve actually ramped up production to help this cause. That said, we are operating in an ever-changing environment right now, and we are committed to maintaining proactive communication with our customers as we navigate these challenging times.”

If major changes occur we will inform you.

Best regards and stay safe!

Anders Grahn, Managing Director
Biotech AB Sweden
Biotech USA LLC, Minnesota
Bionik Inc, Japan

Cell Phone: +46 702 444 644

Any questions?

If you have any inquiries about our products and services, we’re here to help.

Phone: +46 300 56 91 80

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