Integrate your degasser

Biotech Fluidics has recently launched a new series of DEGASi® online degassers, designed for integration into analytical or production instrument assemblies. The new degassers are featured with an electronic validation output signal that corresponds to the level of vacuum within the degasser (5 mV/mmHg). This quality allows your instrument software to continuously monitor the degasser performance and present that to the user. If the vacuum level would not meet the set requirements, this feature enables providing the user with adequate warnings or even prevent certain instrument events. This ability to integrate monitoring of your degasser performance is in line with recent regulatory demands regarding instrument performance qualification and is for example aligning with the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) general chapter 1058.

For more information about this new series of DEGASi® Integration degassers with validation output, or to discuss the selection of degasser for your application, please contact Biotech Fluidics.

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