Intuitive click fitting

Intuitive click fitting for low pressure applications

Are you dreaming about trouble-free and consistent low-pressure tubing connections? Would a fitting providing this facilitate your laboratory life? Especially in locations where you frequently exchange fluid path components, such as flash columns, in-line filters or eluent bottles?

The new Intuitive™ fitting system with its patented self-adjusting torque-limiting nut for low pressure applications, provides a haptic feedback click when it has been sufficiently tightened. You never again have to worry about leaking connections, nor about overtightening and squeezing tubes or damaging ports. The click feedback is built to work for at least 80 repeated assemblies and is thus ideal in positions where components are changed frequently. Being designed for ¼”-28 ports compatible with Flanged, Flangeless, and Super Flangeless ferrule designs, and available in versions for both 1/16” and 1/8” OD tubing, we are confident this is the most easy-to-use, flexible and intuitive low-pressure fitting system available. Hence the name.

Biotech Fluidics can deliver the Intuitive™ connection system as pre-mounted components in ready-made kits, allowing you to save time and effort at your assembly station. Contact us to learn more or check out the product page linked below.

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