Reliable high-pressure connections every time

Reliable and reproducible fluid path connections is a fundamental requirement for meeting system suitability criteria in chemical analysis performed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC & UHPLC) equipment. Poor connections may lead to retention variability and decreased separation efficiency, thus ultimately determining if the analysis will satisfy regulatory demands including pharmacopoeia requirements, or instead fail. Since unreliable analytical results have no value at all and the samples then must be fully reprocessed, a poor fluid connection could even have impact on laboratory economy.

MarvelXACT achieves perfect leak-free fluid connections in HPLC & UHPLC by using a combination of innovative features. The pre-cut polished tube end seals efficiently and eliminates dead volumes. Moreover, the complete lack of any deforming ferrules ensures that the connection will fit to and can be moved between different port designs. Finally, the patented torque-limiting mechanism with “click” feedback ensures that every connection will have the same high performance. Built from sturdy, bioinert PEEK and stainless steel, the MarvelXACT fitting can be reconnected more than 100 times even at the most demanding positions such as column inlet.

In summary, MarvelXACT is the most cost-effective way to achieve perfect fluid column connection every time, thus increasing the probability that system suitability criteria can be met and that reliable analysis results can be delivered in a timely manner from your laboratory.

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