Biotech micro flow meter

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Optimized to operate over the flow range of 100 nl/min to 80 µL/min, with an unmatched high resolution of 1 nl/min, the Micro Flow Meter is the perfect tool for continuous monitoring the consistency of UHPLC, LC/MS, high precision flow cytometry and micro- and nanoscale fluidics applications. The Micro Flow Meter is compatible with almost any solvent and being non-invasive, it guarantees the unperturbed operation of your whole fluidic system. You can continuously monitor fluidic flows in your system and get pump performance diagnostics at the same time. Flow pulsation as well as drift in your fluidic system will

Biotech solvent line monitor

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The new Solvent Line Monitor from Biotech Fluidics is a small stand-alone device that efficiently detects bubbles in solvent flow lines and then send electronic trigger signals or activate acoustic alarms. This clever monitor can safeguard your laboratory against running out of solvent in critical applications, thus avoiding faulty analysis results, system downtime, or even extensive equipment maintenance. The device is perfect for liquid chromatography and HPLC systems and can be set up to automatically trigger a pump shutdown or a switching valve when a solvent flow line becomes empty or contains too many micro bubbles. Learn more

Biotech Liquid Flow Meter

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Determination of flow rates in liquid chromatography has traditionally been a tedious, inexact and manual task. But not any longer. The new Biotech Liquid Flowmeter can continuously and accurately determine inline flow rates in any mode of liquid chromatography without interfering with the system. Being compatible with most solvents, a wide pH range, and pressures up to 3 MPa (435 psi), it is the perfect tool for high-precision measurement of flow rates ranging from 0.001 to 5 mL/min. Since it also is very easy to use, small enough to fit into your hand or lab coat pocket, and not

IDEX Pressure sensors

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Biotech is happy to announce that we now have the IDEX Pressure Sensor in stock. Meticulously engineered and broadly tested for precision sensing, our premium QuickStart Pressure Sensors continually monitor system parameters to provide you the information you need to keep your instrument operating reliably. Learn more

A smart and safe level sensor

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The Biotech level sensor is a smart way to avoid overfilling the waste bottle. How it works Light sent down into the glass rod is reflected back as long as the liquid surface level is below the glass rod. As soon as the liquid level reaches the glass rod the light is scattered away from the glass rod and the sensor detects this and gives an output. The level sensor is normally mounted on a bottle cap (GL45). It consists of a ground glass rod, and electronics for detecting fluid on the rod end. The level sensor is powered

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