Biotech Liquid Flow Meter

Determination of flow rates in liquid chromatography has traditionally been a tedious, inexact and manual task.

But not any longer. The new Biotech Liquid Flowmeter can continuously and accurately determine inline flow rates in any mode of liquid chromatography without interfering with the system. Being compatible with most solvents, a wide pH range, and pressures up to 3 MPa (435 psi), it is the perfect tool for high-precision measurement of flow rates ranging from 0.001 to 5 mL/min. Since it also is very easy to use, small enough to fit into your hand or lab coat pocket, and not weighing more than a cell phone, it might just become your best laboratory friend.

The Biotech Liquid Flowmeter comes pre-calibrated and can be connected inline in any orientation to continuously measure inline flow rates of liquids for instance during qualification of chromatography instruments. Via its USB interface and modern PC application, data can also be recorded as time series, which may be very helpful when identifying flow rate variations during troubleshooting of pumps, check valves or other malfunctioning components in liquid chromatography equipment.

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