Reaction delay coils

Testing plug flow in a reaction delay coil

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The reaction delay coils (also called knitted open tubular 'KOT' reactors) from Biotech Fluidics are designed to maintain plug flow in a variety of liquid flow systems. They accomplish this through a winding flow path design that enhance radial mixing, while minimizing axial dispersion. This makes reaction delay coils ideal flow elements to allow time for reactions, or for automatic decision making during a continuous flow. These features make reaction delay coils popular for example, in plug flow chemistry reaction development or in liquid chromatography reaction detection. To showcase the potential of reaction delay coils, we had an experiment

Plug flow preserved in reaction delay coils

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The reaction delay coils (also KOT tubular coil reactors) from Biotech Fluidics are the ideal delay elements to preserve plug flow while allowing time for reactions or other events in a stream of flowing liquid. Whether employed in the context of flow chemistry synthesis, or in more traditional liquid chromatography setups, the reaction delay coils provide an unmatched capability of preventing zones from mixing with the surrounding upstream and downstream liquid in a flowing stream. This feature can be used to maintain high concentrations of reagents during plug flow chemistry reaction development, with minimum dilution by the transport liquid.

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