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News & Insights about Fluid Management

IDEX Catalogue update 2024

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As the Global Premium Distributor for IDEX, Biotech Fluidics can present an updated IDEX catalogue with flow components, separation tools, and fluid management products. The catalogue has been thoroughly

Enhancing SPR instrument performance

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Biotech Fluidics AB reports supplying key microfluidic and degassing components to BioNavis Oy (Tampere, Finland) for its range of Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR) instruments. Surface Plasmon Resonance is

Testing plug flow in a reaction delay coil

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The reaction delay coils (also called knitted open tubular 'KOT' reactors) from Biotech Fluidics are designed to maintain plug flow in a variety of liquid flow systems. They accomplish

Plug flow preserved in reaction delay coils

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The reaction delay coils (also KOT tubular coil reactors) from Biotech Fluidics are the ideal delay elements to preserve plug flow while allowing time for reactions or other events

High-precision dispensing facilitated by efficient degassing

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Dissolved gasses present a challenge in most liquid handling situations since off-gassing and the resulting formation of bubbles typically leads to inaccurate results. This is especially troublesome in high-precision dispensing

Degassing in an automated RNA imaging instrumentation

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The work in the Linnarsson Lab at Karolinska Institute, aims to make high resolution atlases of the mouse and human brain, where we know the location and type of

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