Our Bottom Mount Dual-Stage Pump (DST) with Constant Performance PCB is a vacuum control system for use with IDEX film degassing chambers. The system includes a DST vacuum pump and a controller PCB that operates in two modes:

  • Similar to “Constant Vacuum” degasser pumps, the control system will maintain vacuum levels at a user-defined setpoint (default 120mmHg).
  • The Constant Performance algorithm allows the user to set a flow rate and desired efficiency, from which the control algorithms will determine the nominal vacuum level.

With this patent pending algorithm in our Constant Performance Degassing Pump System, the user gains the following benefits:

  • A Means To Select A Given Efficiency Of Degassing For Any HPLC System
  • Direct Link Between The Chromatographic Method Flow Rate And Optimal Vacuum Level.
  • Consistent Degassing Efficiency For Flow Rates 0-10mL/Min
  • Operates At Highest Possible Pressure Minimizing Solvent Loss To The Laboratory Atmosphere.
  • Reduction Of Mobile Phase Concentration Changes Due To Pervaporation
  • Reduced Vacuum Pump Wear Due To Lower Pump RPM

Combine this with our Film Degasser to get a revolutionary intelligent user control for HPLC degassing that provides more performance, more efficiency and more control for instrument reliability.