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Fluid management

Devices for dispensing, directing and mixing fluids

Biotech Fluidics supply a range of manual and automated valves for your liquid handling systems. We also offer a set of uniquely designed reaction delay coils that efficiently preserves plug flow while enhancing radial mixing.

You also find equipment for precision volumetric dispensing, and a smart solvent recycler for liquid chromatography. Browse the webpages below or contact us if you want assistance with finding the right device for your fluid management.

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News & insights about fluid management

BioVersal™ UHPLC sample loops

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The BioVersal™ sample loops are 100% bioinert, making them ideal when injecting biological or “sticky” samples. These sample loops utilize our unique patented MarvelX technology to auto adjust to

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Have you encountered issues dispensing larger volumes of liquids with high precision and accuracy? Biotech introduces the Volumetric Precision Dispenser, a fast dispenser that makes it possible to repeatedly

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As Global Premium Distributor for IDEX we are proud to present the brand new IDEX catalogue. We have long experience and a unique knowledge about their assortment and can

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